Blue Salt – 250g


How To Use

Salt is one of the most common minerals in the world, but not all salt is created equal. Amongst the most valuable and rarest of salts, you'll find the Persian Blue Salt. 

This unique blue-hued salt can only be found in an ancient salt bed in Semnan, Iran, and it's as old as time. Incredibly rich in minerals, the Persian blue salt gains its color from the immense pressure it underwent through its crystallization with another mineral, sylvian. Still, the salt's flavor is balanced between an intense initial taste and a mild aftertaste, making Persian blue salt ideal to add flare to your cooking.

The Persian blue salt is an all-natural product, with no additives, colorants or chemicals, it's a premium product sourced straight from the earth, and it's only found in the salt mines in Semnan, Iran. Enjoying this salt is a real privilege. 

There are many ways of using Persian Blue salt. For starters, you can just cook with it or use it as a finishing salt to add a luxurious touch to your food. There's room for blue salt in the world of cocktails too, where a salted rim can elevate a simple margarita to extraordinary heights.

Persian blue salt is high in potassium, an essential mineral that helps your body's water balance and aids in restoring your metabolic balance. Adequate amounts of iron in the salt can improve your circulatory system and blood cell regeneration. Finally, calcium in blue salt will keep your bone structure strong and healthy.