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Persian Saffron, a Coveted Treasure from Antiquity, Now a Few Clicks Away

Saffron is the most expensive and coveted spice on earth, and it’s now available to everyone thanks to Golden Spice Co. — Persian saffron delivered to your doorstep.

Golden Spice Co. is a family business with thirty years of experience ethically sourcing saffron from sustainable, high-quality farmers through fair trade. We only work with single-origin saffron and test the quality throughout the entire process — from the fields to the tin — to ensure Golden Spice Co. Premium Saffron meets the highest expectations. 

Once reserved for the royal courts, thanks to Golden Spice Co, saffron is available for everyday enjoyment and at your fingertips!

From hard-to-find ingredients to diverse recipes, our mission is to spice up your kitchen, and bring a sense of adventure into your food shopping.

Frustrated with over-priced, low-quality supermarket Saffron, we started Golden Spice Co. to make high quality Persian Saffron – and it's many health benefits – accessible and affordable to our community. Overwhelmed with waves of positive feedback, we now offer a wide range of luxury, unique and healthy superfoods from around the globe.

Our Golden Standards

  • High quality, ethically-sourced foods from sustainable estates
  • Work with low overheads to provide fair prices
  • Provide excellent after-sales experience, by listening to the needs of the community
  • Work with professional chefs to bring exciting recipes to our website and social media followers